Is your system not working at its best?


Pneumatic conveying systems service

It is recognised that pneumatic conveying systems often require less assistance than traditional handling systems with conveyor belts or screw conveyors. This is usually true only if the system has been correctly designed and built. Inaccuracies and errors can undermine the system from the inside and require more maintenance than necessary. If the cause is design, a thorough analysis will be required to understand why, and to reconsider material, system and environmental characteristics.

A poorly designed system could lead to increased wear, system blockage or component failure, but these are the worst cases. There may be more subtle and not immediately perceptible adverse consequences. The system may be work properly, but sloppy design could lead to higher energy consumption or to choose oversized and therefore more expensive components.

We provide assistance for any type of pneumatic conveying system, whether made by us or by other companies, both Italian and foreign. We offer full assistance on complete systems and on their individual components. Our mobile workshops and technicians can reach you all over Italy in a short time, guaranteeing punctual and decisive interventions at competitive rates.

Maintenance at 360 degrees and beyond/h2>

At Apply, we provide multi-level assistance on pneumatic conveying systems, for maintenance or optimisation. Like everyone else, we offer routine maintenance; if something breaks down or you feel something is wrong, you call us and we come to fix it. If, on the other hand, you want to avoid plant downtimes and maintain a high production rate, we can plan preventive maintenance operations together, to overhaul and possibly repair before a serious fault occurs. Periodically, our technicians will check the components and the correct functioning of your entire pneumatic conveying system and, if necessary, they will repair, overhaul or replace while the system is running or with very short stops.

Optimisation, on the other hand, is the flagship of our company. Have you ever wondered whether you could make the most of your system, or whether it was really designed to meet your effective needs? Have you ever looked at your pneumatic conveying system and wondered whether it was designed in such a way as not to waste energy or money? If these questions still linger in your mind, you could contact us. Apply’s engineers can carry out a survey of your system and get back to you. If necessary, they can also provide you with improvements and changes, with short-, medium- and long-term visions for achieving maximum results. So you can make your business decisions based on correct and up-to-date data.

We also take worries away

As a business partner, we also aim to minimise problems and worries of our customers, so that together we can always implement new projects.