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Pneumatic conveying for the pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical pneumatic conveying is an essential component of the entire pharmacology-based industry. Not only in large companies producing substances in huge quantities, but also in technical laboratories and research centres.
A pneumatic conveying system is a modern and efficient way of making processes more reliable and profitable, while always respecting the environment. With a pneumatic conveying system, substances, powders and granulates can be handled safely and cleanly, pills and tablets can be moved and packaged without human intervention and with maximum hygiene.
One of the most important aspects of medicine production is the exact composition of the substances used to make tablets, pills and syrups. These substances are the result of extremely precise recipes, whose dosage must not change under any circumstances. Pharmaceutical pneumatic transport eliminates this risk. The substances are transported, even over long distances and in large quantities, without any separation between the components; they are the same on arrival as they were on departure.

In some contexts the required cleanliness is so severe that when a machine breaks down and technicians have to intervene for repairs, the environments will subsequently have to be sanitised or even sterilised before production can resume. Pneumatic conveying is also an advantage in these cases because, compared to traditional handling systems, it is much less prone to breakage.
In addition, the parts requiring most maintenance, such as pumps or turbines, can easily be installed in technical rooms, separated from the processing areas.

Your pharmaceutical pneumatic conveying

Apply designs and manufactures pharmaceutical pneumatic conveying systems for the entire manufacturing chain. Our engineers and sales staff will assist you at every stage, from conception to implementation, suggesting the best solutions for your needs. We have a wide range of components for sale, from pumps and filters to silos and valves. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can produce customised parts and components, even from your drawings.

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Plants made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel with polishing treatment; specific for single-component blends or powders to compressor, capsuling or blister machines.