Tired of cleaning up dust and swarf in your factory?


Pneumatic conveying systems for mechanical industry

Emilia Romagna economy has always been strongly based on the mechanical and engineering industry. Over time, this area of Italy has been able to generate a number of world-class excellences. Many of the customers who chose Apply as a partner to rely on for the design and manufacture of pneumatic conveying systems for mechanics come from this area.

Large metalworking companies and small mechanical firms have production cycles and ancillary support cycles that can be managed thanks to pneumatic transport. Machining centres and machine tools for metalworking are an example of this because they need to move metal swarf and coolant liquids. Other substances commonly moved by pneumatic conveying are aluminium powder, iron powder and zinc powder. We have also developed systems for handling steel granules, emulsifying liquids and mineral oils.

The mechanical industry can also make use of pneumatic transport for cleaning operations, at the end of the work shift or even during the production cycle. It is possible to remove dust and residues from the most difficult places, to convey them quickly to a single area and to separate them using special filters. In this way it is also possible to recover material and put it back into the production cycle, saving time and money.

One of the advantages is the increased safety of the operators. Everything travels inside sealed hoppers and pipes, reducing the risk of cutting, crushing or contamination, even in case of malfunctioning. Even the pumps that move air through the system are sealed and have no dangerous parts accessible to people and can be installed in technical rooms aprated from production areas.

We transport through air and inert gases

When it comes to handling certain materials, especially delicate ones, inert gases provide better safety and performance than air.