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Pneumatic conveying for food industry

Most of our customers in the food sector, produce food for people. We assist from the large food packaging company to the small craft brewery, which may need an automatic system to load barley and malt. For all these companies Apply designs, manufactures and installs pneumatic conveying systems for food industry, turn-key and zero worries.

The primary need of this sector is handling large volumes of food materials in different forms: unpacked, prepared, raw materials, powders and granules, etc… depending on production stages. Other common needs are to preserve product integrity, maintain aroma and original taste.
Finally, the guarantee of quality, absence of contamination and high standards of hygiene are taken for granted. Pneumatic food conveying in a single plant solution is able to meet all these requirements: we understand why it is so popular between food processors.
Our solutions make it possible to automatically and efficiently move beans, cocoa, chocolate, spices, rice, tea, powdered milk, cereals, coffee, dried fruit, flours and puffed cereals. Equipping yourself with a pneumatic conveying system produced by our company gives you a technological advantage over your competitors on the market. It also increases the value of your business and provides an all-inclusive service at competitive prices.

Sistema trasporto pneumatico per farine fossili
Pneumatic conveying system built for a winery to process kieselguhr, collecting from a big bag emptying system and transferring to a filter.
Sistema trasporto pneumatico per farine fossili
Centralised pneumatic conveying system for flour and processing residues in an industrial pizzeria, made in ATEX version for dust zone 22.

Taste, aroma, cleanliness and hygiene go together

Nothing is left to casuality in our systems: food retains all its fragrance and flavour, hygiene is maximised and rooms remain perfectly clean. If you need more, just ask.