Apply developped this penumatic conveyor for fossil flours making it possible to enbetter the productivity of the entreprise on three aspects.
In fact, charging the product directly from Big Bags instead from 25-50 kg bags:
Money saving in buying the product thanks to bigger quantity.
– The operator controls the Big Bag level only once a week, while before he had to control it daily.
– The operator does not empties the bas manually anymore, but the a Bulk bag discharger does: this way work injuries and related phisical problems are prevented and also the operator can be employed in other tasks.

Technical datas:
– product capacity 1000 kg/h
– Stainless Steel aisi 304 components
– suction group – electrical power 4 Kw
– horizontal distance 15 m
– vertical distance 3 m
– ∅70 mm product tube
– ∅ 50 mm vacuum tube