In this picture you can see our colleague Mauro testing and completing 30 suction units for the food sector. In this particular case, each unit is attached to an automatic flow-pack machine for salad, removing superfluous air from the bag before it is sealed.

Flowpack packaging is a type of packaging for food products made of plastic and prepared with the aid of a horizontal packaging machine. In addition to horizontal flowpack machines, there are vertical flowpack machines suitable for packaging powders (flour, sugar, cement, etc.), granular materials (pasta, rice, frozen vegetables, fuel pellets, soil, etc.) and liquids (a special case is represented by “brick” packages for milk and fruit juices).
A continuous sealer (typically located on the underside of horizontal machines) seals the two longitudinal ends of the sheet, and a transverse sealing head (or double head) simultaneously seals the tail of one product and the head of the next. At the same time or after welding, the individual bundles are cut and divided. (Source Wikipedia)

The vacuum cleaners have a safety filter, small in dimensions and with generical technical characteristics.

Other technical data:

  • 210 mbar vacuum
  • 340 mc/h flow rate
  • 3 kW nominal power