Our customer builds automatic machines called core winder, which produce cardboard tubes around which toilet paper and similar products are wound.
Among the various processes, the cutting process gives rise to large quantities of paper residues, which must necessarily be vacuumed.

The solution we have come up with on this occasion is an automatic vacuum cleaner with some unique features: the TE300H

First of all, instead of the usual bag filter, cartridge filters are inserted inside the cap: this is why the upper part of the whole object is higher than in standard vacuum cleaners.

The control unit is set in such a way as to schedule the filters cleaning according to the intervals chosen, which takes place automatically and independently from vacuum operation: in fact, to empty the bag and clean it, it is usually necessary to interrupt the vacuum cleaner operation.

With these filters, on the other hand, cleaning takes place by means of compressed air, “shot” into the cartridges towards the outside: with a sharp blow, the dirt particles from the filter are moved into the large container (which can be removed) that also collects the residues sucked up by the machines.

The suction is therefore continuous, avoiding downtime and ensuring improved productivity.

Further technical data:

  • 3 kw
  • 400 mc/h
  • 230 mbar vacuum